Who we are

Meridian provides litigation support and eDiscovery solutions to assist you to manage the pleadings and evidence (both documentary and electronic) throughout the litigation process.

What we do

Enabling you to retrieve and present the critical components of your case in a concise and effective manner before and during trial. Giving you the added advantage over your opposition.

The Meridian Team


CEO of Meridian Litigation Analytics, developed an interest in computers during his Mechanical Engineering studies at UCT. His passion for analysing large volumes of electronic information puts him in the perfect position to assist lawyers with their challenge of trial preparation in todays digital world.


Hard worker, swings from trees and collects bananas when needed. She gets along with others when she is not hungry.  Make sure you keep your cupboards locked and closed as most mornings we find them open and all content in the cupboards have been removed and unwrapped and eaten..


Key Account Manager of Meridian Litigation Analytics, has a keen interest in computer forensics and a penchant for solving difficult digital problems. He uses his strong team management skills to keep the team motivated and enthusiastic.

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