Preparing Documents for eDiscovery – Part 1 – Processing paper documents

The following are procedures we adopt at Meridian Litigation Analytics for processing paper based documents in preparation for eDiscovery. Client paper documents are generally received in a variety of containers: loose Lever Arch files, boxes of Lever Arch files, loose documents in Metrofile, Optiplan Roratrim type boxes, paper folders and ad hoc bundles of loose documents. To keep track of paper document sources we follow a method of labelling boxes and files with a code which is associated with each document once loaded into iBlaze. For example, boxes will be labelled Box 1, Box 2, etc. and Lever Arch files will be labelled File 1, File 2, etc. A document from Box 1, File 1 will therefore have a source tag B01-F01 to indicate where the original document can be located.

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